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Chimney animal or bird removal — animal removal service in Huntington Station, NY

Animal/Bird Removal

We specialize in the removal of critters from your chimney, UNHARMED

Bellfires (R) Fireplaces

The Bellfires Refractory Fireplace is a wonderful alternative to a woodstove for heating your living space. The state-of-the-art design allows the open face fireplace to "heat like a woodstove" while maintaining the aesthetics of a fireplace. We replace rotted, deteriorated metal heatolators with Bellfires Fireplaces.
Bellfires — chimney sweep service in Huntington Station, NY
Brick cleaning — chimney sweep service in Huntington Station, NY

Brick Cleaning

Irish Sweeps Chimney Ltd. cleans stained and dirty bricks and stones, both inside near the fireplace and outside on the chimney.


All of our chimney caps come with a lifetime guarantee and are available in custom sizes and shapes as well as in both copper and stainless steel.
Chimney caps — chimney sweep service in Huntington Station, NY
Chimney pots — chimney sweep service in Huntington Station, NY


Many homeowners opt for the upscale look of the European Copper Chimney Pot over the traditional clay chimney pot. Irish Sweeps installs it with a stainless grating to stop animals and birds from entering your chimney.


Many water issues in your home are related to the chimney flashing. Irish Sweeps Chimney Ltd. offers installation and repair of chimney step and counter flashing in both copper and aluminum. We also install flashing crickets behind the chimney.
Copper aluminum — chimney sweep service in Huntington Station, NY
Dryer vent — chimney sweep service in Huntington Station, NY

Dryer Vent Exhausts

Dryer vent connectors are removed, brushed and vacuumed, utilizing a special rotating brush. We test the draft and inspect the system. We carry a full line of hoods, hose, and venting pipes. Thorough cleaning of dryer vent system prevents fires, saves energy and reduces drying time and expensive electric bills.


The firebox of the fireplace is where you burn the wood. It should be surrounded by fire brick to withstand the extreme temperatures generated by a fire. Often these blazing temperatures will disintegrate the fire brick and the mortar between them. We replace and/or repair the damage with a high temperature refractory cement to insure that the firebox is safe.
Firebox — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY
Fireplaces — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY


We sweep, brush and vacuum the chimney, smoke chamber, and firebox, often from the outside. NO MESS! We utilize drop cloths and runners as needed. We also include a Level I inspection. (A Level I inspection is required by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and involves a complete visual inspection of all the components making up a fireplace, firebox, smoke chamber and chimney including masonry and flashing.)


Our cleaning process includes brushing the chimney with properly sized brushes. We remove the smoke pipe, brush and vacuum the pipe work, shovel and vacuum the breech and reseal the pipe work to the wall. The procedure also includes a full Level I inspection to ensure the venting system and chimney are up to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 211 code, NFPA 31.
Gas and oil chimneys — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY
Glazed creosote — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY


Wood burners, especially wood stoves, may experience severe creosote (the by-product resulting from burning wood) build-up in the chimney system. This dangerous flammable substance will coat the chimney system and second or third degree creosote could result. We eliminate the creosote and keep you safe.


Irish Sweeps sells and installs fireplace accessories and hearth equipment. Take a look at our hearth catalog at, then call us to order. CLICK HERE
Fireplaces accessories — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY
Woman consultation — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY


New Homeowners, Realtors, Architects, and Plumbers, etc.-we offer Level I, II, and III inspections of residential homes. We will diagnose and complete estimates for work needed on your chimney. Residential or commercial, take advantage of our many decades of experience (established 1974) and call for a free estimate or consult. A Level I inspection is included with all chimney sweeps we complete.


Natural Gas is wonderful, until the carbon monoxide detector goes off. We can diagnose and correct the problem in the chimney in a timely fashion.
Woman — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY
Masonry restoration — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY


Masonry chimneys on Long Island are subjected to severe weather conditions, and often require repairs in the first 6 – 10 years of age. We have a full staff of masons to accomplish any restoration and repairs on your chimney and interior fireplace.


Prefabricated chimneys are factory-built chimney systems which are assembled and installed on the jobsite. We offer a full line of prefab chimneys including CLASS-A, B-Vent, PELLET CHIMNEY, and DOUBLE WALL STOVE PIPE. We install everything we sell. Most products come with a lifetime guarantee. We offer larger commercial size chimneys. We also install aluminum/stainless brick-look housings and textural "real-look" brick housings.
Chimney installation — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY
Chimney relining — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY


Chimneys which have deteriorated from age, fire, water, or improper installation may need to be relined. There are many differing products available for relining, and many of them can have questionable longevity. Irish Sweeps Chimney Ltd. uses ONLY hi-grade 316–L stainless steel or better. All work is done to National Fire Protection Association codes (NFPA 211, etc.) or better. WE GUARANTEE ALL OUR WORK - we were established in 1974 and we'll be around for many years to come. A guarantee is useless if the company is gone or has a new name.


The smoke chamber of a fireplace (above the damper) can be one of the most problematic parts of the fireplace, and a very common source of a chimney fire due to its proximity to the heat from the firebox. We utilize a special hi-temp ceramic process (Smoktite™) which repairs, insulates and seals the smoke chamber with a smooth ceramic. This ceramic can be applied with no expensive demolition to the original fireplace.
Smoke chamber — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY
chimney smoke — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY


What causes these problems? The answer involves many different and divergent possible causes, and solutions too numerous to delineate here. Suffice to say, if you have one of these problems we can solve it! Irish Sweeps has been solving chimney problems since 1974. (One solution is to use a chimney fan. See for more information.)


A chase cover is the square metal cover piece that fits over the top of a chimney housing or chase. Unfortunately original equipment rarely, if ever, is a non-corrosive material and normally will develop rust, stains and leaks. Our chase covers are 100% stainless steel and come with a Lifetime Guarantee. Also available in copper.
Stainless chase — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY
chimney damage — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY


When mother nature strikes, we are ready! Lightning, wind, rain, ice, snow, and tree damage may need fast response and repair. At Irish Sweeps we specialize in storm repair.


Water entering a house near the chimney may occur for countless different reasons. We specialize in leak detection and diagnosis. After many decades in the industry we have seen it all and we will be able to fix your water leak. We also offer a 10-year guaranteed waterproof treatment which does not discolor or change the look of your brick or masonry chimney.
Chimney saver — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY
Coal stove — chimney safety service in Huntington Station, NY


SOLID FUEL burning stoves require special servicing. We offer a complete stove service, as well as, cleaning of the pipe work and chimney. Our technicians carry gaskets, smoke pipes and replacement parts for many stoves.